Our Product Lines

Below is a list of the product lines currently offered by Eco-Source. We now offer almost a hundred different products, but are periodicallly adding new lines, so please check our site regularly. For more detailed information about each product click the product name link or to proceed immediately to the online store to make a purchase, click on the "Buy Now" link which will take you to the appropriate department in our online store.

Mabu Cloth Innovative "earth-friendly" wiping cloth made of 100% plant fibre. Buy Now.

Static Eliminator Amazing reusable dryer sheets made without harmful chemicals. NEW LOWER PRICE. Buy Now.

Bag-E-Wash This practical product permits food storage bags to be washed and dried in the dishwasher. NEW LOWER PRICE. Buy Now.

Nature Clean A complete line of more than 30 alternative cleaning, laundry and personal care products.
(only available to our wholesale customers due to high cost of shipping)

H2O Products These handy products are powered by water. Now featured at half price. Buy Now.

Natural Fusion Natural herbal sachets for use in the clothes dryer, in your dresser or in your closet. Buy Now.

 HeatWave Innovative reusable heatpad that provides instant heat anywhere anytime. NEW LOWER PRICE. Buy Now.

DryBar Amazing Canadian-made product that prolongs the life of your bar of soap ... made from recycled plastic.
Buy Now.


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